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Council 94 in the Press 

DMV Closes all Operations After Employee Test Positive for Coronavirus

Union Files Grievance Because RIC Staff Sent to Clean Room of Student With Coronavirus

Second Employee at Eleanor Slater Hospital Tests Positive for Coronavirus

RI College Employees Claim They Weren't Told About Coronavirus Patient (Video)

RI Students/Employees Claim They Were Not Told About COVID-19 Case

Eleanor Slater Hospital Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19 - 25 Patients Quaratined

Anxious Exposure: R.I. Custodians Are the Unsung Vanguard in Coronavirus Containment

RI Council 94 & AFSCME Facts and Guidance 

CARES Act Summary

Recovery Payments Information

Coronavirus Disease Facts and Resources

Cleaning and Decontamination of Surfaces

COVID-19 Industry Specific Guidance

Personal Protective Equipment (Healthcare Workers)

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Rhode Island Department of Health

Rhode Island DLT COVID-19 Workplace Fact Sheet 

Rhode Island DEM COVID-19 Public Parks Notice & Information

Rhode Island DEM State Parks and Beaches Closure Press Release

Centers for Disease Control

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COVID-19 Executive Orders

20-15 - Twelfth Supplemental Emergency Declaration - Extension of Executive Orders on the Operation of Food Establishments and Close Contact Businesses (3/30/2020)

20-14 - Amended Eleventh Supplemental Emergency Declaration (3/28/2020)

20-13 - Eleventh Supplemental Emergency Declaration - Staying at Home, Reducing Gatherings, Certain Retail Business Closures and Further Quarantine Restrictions (3/28/2020)

20-12 - Tenth Supplemental Emergency Declaration - Quarantine Restrictions on Travelers from New York State (3/26/2020)

20-11 - Ninth Supplemental Emergency Declaration - Delaying the Primary Elections and Preparing for a Predominantly Mail Ballot Election (3/23/2020)

20-10 - Eight Supplemental Emergency Declaration - Quarantine Restrictions on Domestic Air Travelers (3/23/2020)

20-09 - Seventh Supplemental Emergency Declaration - Public Gatherings, Close-Contact Businesses, Public Recreation and Business Service Providers (3/22/2020) 

20-08 - Sixth Supplemental Emergency Declaration - Economic Support for Restaurants, Bars and Establishments that Offer Food (3/20/2020)

20-07 - Fifth Supplemental Emergency Declaration - Extension of Time for Weapon and Firearm Background Checks (3/20/2020)

20-06 - Fourth Supplemental Emergency Declaration - Expanding Access to Telemedicine Services (3/18/2020)

20-05 - Third Supplemental Emergency Declaration - Public Meetings and Public Records Requests (3/16/2020)

20-04 - Second Supplemental Declaration - Restaurants, Bars, Entertainment Venues, and Public Gatherings (3/16/2020)

20-03 - Supplemental Emergency Declaration (3/13/2020)

20-02 - Declaration of Disaster Emergency (3/9/2020)