Executive Board

Executive Board 2018-2022



J. Michael Downey
Local 2869, Department of Labor & Training

Mary Riley
Executive Vice-President
Local 2879, Rhode Island College, Clerical

Lynn Loveday
State Vice President
Local 2448, Department of Administration

Mary Townsend
Municipal Vice President
Local 357, Warwick Independent School Employees

David Hoffman
Recording Secretary
Local 670, Woonsocket City Employees

Claire Newell
Local 2872, Department of Education


Board Members

Tim Blair, Local 904, Rhode Island Veterans Home & Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Michaela Bolano, Local 1012, City of Pawtucket

Barry Brothers, Local 2203, Family Court

Walter Hartley, Local 1651, Warwick City Employees

Jason Kane, Local 1293, Rhode Island Community Living & Supports

Tom Lambert, Local 1137, Woonsocket Schools

Kwame Larbi, Local 1350, Medical Center

Tracy McDermott, Local 357, Warwick Independent School Employees

Michael McDonald, Local 528, University of Rhode Island 

Robert Paliotta, Local 2882, Department of Human Services

Cristobal Rodriguez, Local 1352, Pawtucket School Employees

Mary Simao, Locals 2883 & 2895, Dept. of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabillities & Hospitals

Lisa Soares, Local 1627, Central Falls City & School

Roy Vieira, Local 2409, RI Deputy Sheriffs


Ryan Marsh, Local 2879, Rhode Island College, Clerical

Anthony Peters, Local 2878, Rhode Island College, Residential & Facilities

Erin Shannon, Local 2884, Amalgamated

Iluminada Veloz, Local 1350, Medical Center