What We Do

What We Do


RI Council 94 has an experienced staff team assigned to assist each of the local union officers with the administration and operation of their locals by providing advice and guidance to the officers and membership.

The assigned staff person is committed to assist the local with grievance handling, arbitration preparation, negotiations, labor-management meetings, political action, organizing, unfair labor practices, training and other matters related to union activity.


A grievance procedure is present in all our contracts which enable the union or its members to challenge any unilateral unauthorized alteration of the contract provisions regarding wages, hours, working conditions or any other provision which is contained within the collective bargaining agreement. The staff person will assist the local with presentation of grievances to a hearing officer, school committee, town or city council, personnel committee, or other appropriate body.

RI Council 94, AFSCME processes more arbitrations than any other union. We believe that negotiated contract benefits should not be diminished nor abused and we will protect the contract and process grievances to arbitration whenever the merits of the case warrant this action.

The Council provides this service without cost to the local union.

Unfair Labor Practices

RI Council 94, AFSCME staff initiates unfair labor practice charges against employers on behalf of the local union. Unfair labor charges are violations of law and are filed with the State Labor Relations Board or National Labor Relations Board dependent upon the employer.

All negotiations are the responsibility of the staff assigned to the local in conjunction with the local’s negotiating committee. Usually the staff will head the negotiations for the union. The preparation, strategy, research, and ratification of the negotiation will be led by the staff representative in cooperation with the local leadership.

Labor & Management Meetings

The RI Council 94, AFSCME staff member is available to meet with employer representatives on behalf of the local membership regarding any matter that may impact the local membership.