RI Council 94 Training

Union 101

The goal of this 1/2 day program is to provide members with the general knowledge needed to become fully active and participatory members of the Union.  Members who participate in this training will learn about:

 -         The structure of the union

-          The Union’s Power

-          Legal rights as a member

-          How to read a contract

-          The roles of a steward/member activist


Grievance Handling

The goal of this 1/2 day program is to give members the knowledge they will need in order to process grievances.  Members who participate in this training course will learn:

 -         The five-step process of handling a grievance

-          How to utilize the AFSCME Grievance Fact Sheet

-          To interview an employee who may have a grievance

-          The importance of gathering written verification and proof

-          About the different sources of evidence

-          The skills needed in writing a formal grievance

Participants will also practice various aspects of grievance handling, such as, interviewing employees, writing grievances, and conducting step 1 grievance meetings with management.


Leadership Skills Enhancement

The goal of this this 1/2 day program is to provide leaders with additional skills and tools to help strengthen their locals. Participants of this training will learn:

 -         How to select the best workplace problems to mobilize members to take action

-          To develop and lead a group action around an actual workplace issue

-          To communicate one-on-one with members to provide information to take action

-          To engage new members and bring them into the Union

-          To move members to action

-          To conduct new employee orientations

-          To make local meetings more results driven, fun, and motivational so members return

Participants will also practice various aspects of leadership, such as, developing and leading a workplace action and communicating with members.

Upcoming trainings will be listed in the calendar of events.

To register for upcoming trainings please submit a completed registration form to Alexis Lyman or John Burns or you may fax it to (401) 724-2060.  The registration form may be found here. 

AFSCME Leadership Academy

A variety of online interactive and self paced courses available to all RI Council 94 members.  Click here to visit AFSCME's On-line Leadership Academy.