Local 528 Scholarship Announcement 2022

Brothers & Sisters,

Local 528 recently had the honor of handing out $3,000 worth of scholarships to the children of Local 528 members in support of those who are attending Colleges and Universities in furtherance of their education.  Member names are in parentheses (Pictured to the right is Treasurer Brad Brown awarding Jillian Previte her scholarship). 

$500 was awarded to Jillian Previte.  (Member:  John Previte)

$500 was awarded to Sophia Fogarty.  (Member: John Fogarty)

$500 was awarded to George Fogarty.  (Member: Jenn Fogarty)

$500 was awarded to Haley Benoit.  (Member: Theresa Benoit)

$500 was awarded to Noah Doak.  (Member: John Doak)

$500 was awarded to Madeline Favino.  (Member: Frank Favino)

Congratulations to all the winners and best wishes for a healthy and successful academic year.

In Solidarity,

Michael McDonald