Greetings from the President

A Message from the President

With nearly 10,000 active and retired members in over 60 locals around the state, Council 94 is the most powerful voice for the hard working men and women who serve Rhode Island’s citizens and their communities.

As public and private employees for the state, cities and towns, colleges and universities, school departments and housing authorities, Council 94 members perform jobs as diverse as cooks to biologists, sheriffs and airport firefighters to nursing assistants and school bus drivers and from plumbers to librarians. A dedicated Council 94 member does just about every public service job in our state. Council 94 members not only take care of our communities, they care for our citizens. They are committed to work for a better future for all Rhode Islanders.

As Council 94’s democratically elected president, I am also committed to implementing the most effective programs in the labor movement on behalf of our members.

My activism in my home community of Charlestown, my experience as a member and former president of University of Rhode Island Local 528 for over 34 years, and my leadership experience as Council 94’s president since 2005 has strengthened my commitment and hardened my resolve to protect the jobs, benefits, working conditions and dignity of our members.

Council 94 is first in the fight to secure strong contracts, protect our pensions and retirement security, health care benefits for active and retired members and the fight against privatization of public employee jobs. Our efforts have also brought in hundreds of new members in the last few years, giving us added strength in our battle for economic and social justice.

Under my leadership, Council 94 has employed staff who are professional, aggressive and well trained. You’ll find them working side-by-side with members to win strong contracts, grievances and arbitrations, key legislative issues and important political campaigns. I believe there is no force more effective than when we all work together.

Please explore our website. I personally welcome your feedback, questions or concerns.

In solidarity,

J. Michael Downey