Politics shapes our jobs whether we work in nursing homes or health clinics, on the highways, in airports, or in schools and colleges. Laws and policies enacted at the state and federal level affect our paychecks and how and where we work. Gains made at the bargaining table result from relationships we've forged with our political allies and AFSCME-supported elected officials.

You say politics doesn't matter? In November 2006, AFSCME and union-led GOTV efforts changed the balance of power in this country replacing pro-business state and federal politicians with elected officials who vote right on issues important to workers.

These victories, ignited by thousands of members who contribute to AFSCME PEOPLE. Our union's political action committee show what we can do when we have the right tools and enough resources.

Federal election laws restrict how we can use treasury funds, meaning we cannot rely on dues to make donations to political candidates. It is the voluntary contributions from members to AFSCME PEOPLE that enable us to support and elect pro-worker candidates as we did in 2006. Let's face it: Big business is always a big spender for their candidates. Without our members' voluntary contributions. pro-worker candidates face incredible odds of getting elected.

No other group of workers in this country is tethered to politics as we are. The stakes are high-our wages, pensions and working conditions play out in a political arena at all levels of government. Let's keep the momentum we have garnered since November 2006 and make the commitment to PEOPLE. Sign your payroll deduction card, or make that direct contribution today. Contributing $100 a year to AFSCME PEOPLE may seem like a small step but, collectively, thousands of members doing the same will help us keep those victories coming and strengthen us for the future.

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